Gusty Gibbon

I just got rid of my old laptop and got a DELL D620 and installed the latest release of Ubuntu on it. Gusty Gibbon so here are my notes

Evolution Restore

Prior to getting a new laptop I made sure to back up my home directory, so after I got my new laptop up and running I copied over my ~/.evolution file so all of my email would come up. Which worked however I kept getting an error stating "summary and folder mismatch, even after sync", which was odd but I found a simple solution online.

Close evolution.

$ rm ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox.ev-sum*

Re-open evolution. This caused evolution to recreate the summary file which corrected the error I was getting.

Wireless setup

Ubuntu auto-detected my built in wireless card and offered to load up the restricted drivers, however I have an ASUS PC Card wifi adapter I chose to use instead. In the past every time I have used ndiswrapper or Ubuntu's restricted drivers for Dell's internal wireless cards they I only get about half the speed out of them I should.

I am using the following wireless card:
ASUS Wireless LAN PC Card
Model: WL-107G
available from for $25

This card works great under linux, it provides support for wireless B/G networks(no A, not sure why you'd need that anyway) and it has available open source firmware and drivers. It wasn't present during my install and the first time I inserted it Ubuntu auto-detected it and loaded it up in a few seconds. I would highly recommend this card to anyone looking for a good wireless card for linux.

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